A manifesto for real change

With Redditch, Worcestershire & our country at the mercy of Conservative incompetence, Redditch Labour are fighting to protect our most vulnerable townsfolk from Tory austerity. Register to vote by midnight on Tues 26th Nov & cast it for our community. Vote for  Rebecca Jenkins, Labour candidate for Redditch.

Labour Party Manifesto
Labour Party Manifesto. A radical vision for real change

“Labours fully costed manifesto is the most radical, hopeful, people-focused vision for Britain in modern times.
Our manifesto offers the chance of real change for every generation and every community.
When Labour wins, the nurse wins, the pensioner wins, the student wins, the office worker wins, the engineer wins. We all win.
The future is ours to make. It’s time for real change – for the many, not the few. Together, we can deliver it.”

– Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party

Our 2019 Manifesto

  • Council homes building program.
    Labour will deliver a new social house building programme of more than a million homes over a decade. By the end of the Parliament we will be building at an annual rate of at least 150,000 council and social homes, with 100,000 of these built by councils for social rent in the biggest council house building programme in more than a generation.
  • Scraping tuition fees
    Labour will end the failed free-market experiment in higher education, abolish tuition fees and bring back maintenance grants.
  • Our NHS. Not for sale.
    A Labour government will invest an extra 4.3% each year in the NHS to restore nursing bursaries, end and reverse privatisation, stabilise our overstretched A&E departments & give patients the modern, well-resourced services they need.
  • An end to universal credit
    Labour will scrap UC. We will immediately stop moving people onto it and design an alternative system that treats people with dignity and respect.
  • National care service.
    Labour’s new National Care Service will provide free personal care for older people who need help with day-to-day tasks like washing, dressing and medication.
  • National education service
    Labours new National Education Service will provide free cradle-to-grave education for everyone throughout their lives and will nurture every child and adult to find a path that’s right for them.
  • New green deal.
    Labour’s New Green Deal is about putting the UK on track for a net-zero carbon energy system within the 2030s. Labours £400 billion National Transformation Fund will create 1 Million new high-tech green jobs. Labour would immediately and permanently ban fracking.
  • A living wage for all.
    The minimum wage will be raised From £8.21 to £10. All workers over 16 years old getting £10 an hour within the next year, in an attempt to tackle the growing issue of in-work poverty.
  • Freeze pension age at 66.
    We will put a stop to Tory plans to raise the pension age to 70 by freezing it at 66 & compensate WASPI women.
  • Tax rises for high earners.
    Only those earning over £80,000pa will see their tax rise by £0.98p per-week for every £1000 earned over £80,000.
  • Your say on Brexit.
    Labour will renegotiate a new Brexit deal within three months, based on a new UK-EU customs union and close EU single market alignment. We would then give the people the final say and implement the referendum result immediately.

Please Donate
Redditch Labour are a completely voluntary organisation and rely on small donations from our supporters. The Conservatives have boasted of raising £5M from their billionaire donors in the first week of the campaign, compared to the £220,000 Labour has raised nationally.
Please consider donating to Rebecca’s fighting fund. The donation comes directly to us and every penny will be spent wisely on Rebecca’s Redditch campaign.

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