Rebecca Jenkins Election Address

Rebecca’s message to the voters of Redditch

NHS – #NotForSale
Cuts in our Healthcare in Redditch and Bromsgrove because of Conservative cuts will reach- £83,000,000 by 2023 and South Worcestershire is even more at -£153,000,000.
I personally couldn’t stand for a Party that was deliberately and consistently undermining our NHS with privatisation and cuts like this.
I’m glad to say my conscience is clear and cannot wait to get going on Labour’s Rescue Plan for the NHS if you elect me on 12th December.
Under a radical 10 point plan Labour will revitalise the National Health Service, reducing waiting lists and increasing access, including ensuring 95% of patients are treated within 18 weeks, upgrading A&E performance and radically improve cancer survival rates.
This is over £6bn more in real terms every year than the funding announced by the Tories a year ago, an average 4.3% funding increase every year for the next four years.

Rachel Maclean in the Hustings on Tuesday said “people only use a foodbank once” I say “there are more Food banks than McDonalds” why does she not recognise what is happening right underneath her nose?
I would be proud to represent Redditch in a Labour government who will halve food bank usage within its first year of office.
Labour will ensure that everyone in the UK has a Right to Food by enshrining it in UK law, in a new Fair Food Act.
The new law will create a National Food Commission to monitor food insecurity, make recommendations to governments and oversee all aspects of the food system in Britain.

Everyone has the right to a decent, secure home. In 1945, Labour promised to ‘proceed with a housing programme with the maximum practical speed until every family in this island has a good standard of accommodation’. In 2019, we renew that pledge. But too many people are being denied their right to a good home by our housing system that treats homes as financial assets rather than places to live.

When the Tories say there’s more funding than ever going into our schools – there’s a reason why we know instinctively that must be wrong as I pointed out in the Hustings last Tuesday 28 out of 33 schools in Redditch still have finding cuts and also cuts to per pupil
Labour Manifesto for a National Education Service and funding pledges come out on top every time
Labour will create a National Education Service to provide support and opportunity throughout your life: from Sure Start centres to top-quality early years education; well-funded schools with lower class sizes to free university tuition with no fees; and free lifelong learning, giving you the chance to reskill throughout your life.

Labour will reverse the Tory decade of austerity for local government and aim to restore council spending powers to 2010 levels over the lifetime of the Parliament.

Labour is the party of equality, committed to achieving a world free from all forms of bigotry and discrimination. Whether campaigning on the streets or passing legislation in government, Labour is the only party to consistently stand with women, disabled people, people from ethnic minority backgrounds and LGBT+ communities.

The Tories have failed to comply with a court order to release key parts of a confidential report on the fracking industry following a years-long legal battle with ‘Unearthed’.
Labour will ban fracking, expand the Freedom of Information Act and introduce tough new transparency rules.

Labour will give the people the final say on Brexit. Within three months of coming to power, a Labour government will secure a sensible deal. And within six months, we will put that deal to a public vote alongside the option to remain. A Labour government will implement whatever the people decide.

Labour holds social security in the same esteem as our health and education systems. It is there to help each of us in times of need. If someone falls on hard times – because they lose their job, get sick or lose a loved one – Labour will help them live with dignity and provide support to get them back on their feet.