Safe In Our Hands

Cradle to Grave NHS

All dignity and care is being stripped away from our sick, elderly and disabled by this insidious and uncaring Tory government as they impose further cuts in preparation to sell off vital services to their ‘sponsors’.

Ill health can happen to anyone at any time of life, but the safety net that we have willingly paid for throughout our working lives is being ripped away leaving a growing number of vulnerable people forced to either sink or swim in an increasingly insecure and hostile environment.

This is detrimental to the wellbeing of our most vulnerable people, leading to worsening of physical ailments, increased anxiety & mental health conditions. Time and again, the Conservatives have demonstrated an absence of social responsibility & duty of care towards those most in need.

#SaveTheAlex Demo

In a speech given to a crowd of over 500 at Redditch town centre bandstand, Jeremy Corbyn pledged that the NHS will be saved from the Tories pernicious policy of cuts, sell-offs & privatisation. He has set out in our Labour Party Manifesto how we will return our NHS to full health & save the Alex through restoration of services, proper funding of our NHS & effective social care provision.