Use Your Vote Don’t Lose Your Vote

Register to vote
Register to vote

The government has ‘cleansed’ the voting register. Deliberately removing millions of names and making it harder to cast your vote.

If you have not received your polling card yet, then you are not registered! Don’t leave it until the last minute. Register now and #VoteLabour.

Register 11 working days before polling day
  • You must register online to vote by midnight, 11 working days before polling day.
  • You will need your National Insurance number. You will find it on your NHS, HMRC, Job Centre, P60, pay slip, pension and student loan documents.
  • Register at
Student? 😁
  • If you are at university, for local elections you are legally entitled to register & vote in both your home & uni constituencies. For national elections you can vote only once but you can choose either constituency (think marginal!).
  • Checkout the your vote matters website for more information (you will probably need to arrange a postal vote or proxy vote for one of your votes).
Postal vote
  • We would encourage everyone to register for a postal vote. Its the easiest way of voting.
  • Anyone can apply for a postal vote, You dont need a reason.
  • You may apply for a postal vote by downloading the form , print it, sign it & send it off to…
    Redditch Borough Council, Postal Vote Registration, Walter Stranz Square, Redditch B98 8AH
    …or hand it in at the town hall. Your application must arrive by 5pm, 11 working days before polling day.
Proxy vote
  • If you are in the armed forces, disabled, on holiday or away with work or education during the election, you may be able to nominate a trusted family member to vote on your behalf (they must be registered to vote and they may apply for a proxy postal vote).
  • You can find out more information at the voting by proxy website. Download the application, print it & sign the application and post it to…
    Redditch Borough Council, Proxy Vote Registration, Walter Stranz Square, Redditch B98 8AH
    …or hand it in at the town hall. The application must arrive by 5pm, 11 working days before polling day.
Voting tips:
  • If in doubt – Register! it doesn’t matter if you’re already signed up.
  • You don’t need your polling card or a proof of identity to vote in any Redditch ward. Just turn up at your local polling station and give your name & address to the polling officer.
  • If you forget to send off your postal vote in time, you can still vote in person on polling day at your normal polling station. Take your postal vote form with you in the pre-paid envelope provided.
  • You are entitled to vote if you are homeless or do not have a current address. Ask for help filling out the application at the the town hall.
  • Anyone who is 18 on or before polling day is eligible to cast their ballot in the General Election as long as they are British, Irish or qualifying commonwealth citizen.
  • Anyone who is 17 years old can register to vote and in some instances those who are 16 can too.
  • For more information telephone Redditch Borough Council Electoral Services on 01527 881 421 or visit

Please Donate
Redditch Labour are a completely voluntary organisation and rely on small donations from our supporters. The Conservatives have boasted of raising £5M from their billionaire donors in the first week of the campaign, compared to the £220,000 Labour has raised nationally. Please consider donating to Rebecca’s fighting fund. The donation comes directly to us and every penny will be spent wisely on Rebecca’s Redditch campaign.

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