Support Rebecca, Your Local Labour Party Candidate.


Redditch Labour is a grassroots & completely voluntary organisation which relies entirely on small donations from supporters like YOU. Unlike Redditch Tories, who have paid workers and are funded by Conservative central office from the millions donated by oligarchs & big business.

With candidate registration fees, leaflets to every home, and advertising, Rebecca’s costs could run to over £15,000.

The Conservatives boasted of raising £5M just from their billionaire donors in the first week of the election, compared to the £220,000 Labour has raised nationally. Their dodgy donations allow them the advantage of out-spending Labour to the maximum allowed of £30,000 per constituency.

Any donation, no matter how small, is hugely appreciated. Your donations are passed on to Redditch labour and every penny is spent wisely on Rebecca’s campaign.

Keep Redditch Labour in the fight. Without your support, there is no Redditch Labour party.

Thank you.