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Download Redditch Labour’s Social Media App & join the team.

Sharing my post & tweets helps me to reach many more voters, while liking & commenting on my posts encourages others to engage. Our Social Media Team App makes it easy to follow & contribute to all my campaigns.

Our simple to use App brings all my social media pages conveniently into one place, making it easier to follow & support my campaigns. Please help me extend the reach of my campaigns by commenting, liking, but above all SHARING my posts.

Rebecca & Jez in Alvechurch

The app gathers my Facebook, Instagram & Twitter pages into one place, along with the Redditch Labour Party Social Media pages and the bonus of our weekly online newspaper. the pages are easily navigated simply by swiping between them.

Click for Android App Android app v1.2

Click for Win 10 App Windows app v2.0 (click download to install)

Alternatively, help me spread the word by simply following my social media pages & sharing my posts in the conventional way.

Many thanks for your support – Rebecca